In Key Stage 1, the children follow a Creative Curriculum ensuring a balance of core and foundation subjects.

    We also give much emphasis to exciting subjects such as Science, Art, Design Technology, History and Geography, which stimulate imaginations and cultivate natural curiosity. The areas of P.E., Music and French are taught by specialist teachers. All this is supplemented with termly trips, visitors and events.

    Teachers listen to children read daily and we generate a love of reading with the use of the library which includes fiction and non-fiction books, as well as storysacks. Maths and English are taught on a daily basis with small amounts of homework to consolidate the work.

    Permeating through all aspects of our teaching and learning is Personal, Social and Health Education. This is a core principle in what makes the Pre-Prep such a magical place to be.

    As an independent school, we are not confined to the learning objectives laid down by the National Curriculum; we take into consideration the key skills we wish our children to develop. In doing this we provide a truly stimulating and child initiated learning experience.

    In Yarm Pre-Prep we see every child as an individual. We acknowledge they all have different interests, backgrounds and ways of learning. We believe it is the careful consideration we give to all these elements in our provision of learning opportunities that makes the education we offer so special, so unique and so highly successful.

    We are ambitious for your child: we are passionate about their learning and progress, we share this information with you on a regular basis, so we can ensure that our children each fulfil their potential.

    Teaching assistants are allocated to every year group and help with reading, group work and tasks set for individual children. We aim to give the very best education to every child 

    All this is enriched by a diverse extracurricular programme which also helps to foster important qualities such as teamwork and collaboration with others, resilience and the importance of practice. The clubs include Ukulele, Pre-Prep Strings, Singing Sensations, drama, chess, dance and more adventurous experiences such as origami, glitter club, riding and cartoon drawing! 

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