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Bestselling Children’s Author Wows Local School Children

Bestselling Children’s Author Wows Local School Children

Yarm School was delighted to welcome Louie Stowell, author of the popular children’s book series “Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to …”, who treated children from across the region to a VIP World Book Day appearance.

During her visit, Louie met with over 500 pupils and teachers from ten schools across the region at Yarm’s Princess Alexandra Auditorium, where she discussed the inspiration behind the series of novels and immersed her audience in the world of Norse mythology.

The interactive morning began with some storytelling, with Louie sharing her interpretation of Loki, God of Asgard, who, in her re-telling, was sent to earth in the form of an 11-year-old child.

The visit, coordinated by Drake the Bookshop, was rounded off with a book signing session and an opportunity for the children to spend some one-on-one time with Louie.

Louie Stowell said: “I really want the children to have some joy in stories and in reading, and appreciate that reading never has to be a chore.

“Reading has wildness and chaos to it, and often reading the forbidden and exciting book can be the most enjoyable.”

David Boddy, Head of Co-curriculum and Partnerships at Yarm School said: “As an English teacher it has been wonderful to see so many children enjoy the idea of telling, reading and sharing stories, as stories are what makes us human beings.

“It was great to see Yarm’s auditorium full of children from schools across the region, making the most of this experience and World Book Day. Welcoming pupils and colleagues into our facilities is important to us, as part of the educational community here on Teesside.”

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