GCSE Results

GCSE Results

This year’s cohort excelled with nearly half (47%) of all examinations reaching the highest 9/8 grades. Thirty pupils achieved 9 or more 9/8 grades and six talented pupils accomplished the extraordinary feat of eleven out of eleven grade 9s: Nila Baskar, Sophie Jewitt, Ameen Khunda, Apsara Naguleswaran, Jack Pritchard and Harvey Qin.

Alongside individual success stories, with pupils reaping the rewards of their hard work, individual departments were celebrating the cohort’s overall results in their subjects. The English department is celebrating outstanding outcomes in English and English Literature with Yarm pupils achieving 35% and 39% respectively at the highest grade (grade 9). Strong outcomes in Mathematics across the board are exemplified by 40% of the pupils taking Further Mathematics achieving a grade 9. Creative subjects also thrived, with grade 9-7 being achieved by 90% of pupils in Art and 100% of pupils taking DT Textiles.

GCSE ResultsYarm School Average 2016-2023 % (ex. 2020-2)
Grade 9/8 (A*)43.6
Grades 9-7 (A* -A)67.6
Grades 9-5 (A* - B)90
Grades 9-4 (A* - C)97.2

Dr Huw Williams, Headmaster, said: “Our pupils have achieved outstanding GCSE results despite the return to pre-covid grading standards and we are very proud of them all. Their teachers have appreciated this year group’s positive approach, which has made it a pleasure to support them throughout their GCSEs and to celebrate with them today.

“Pupils at Yarm not only excel academically but seize the opportunities to grow and develop by embracing the wide range of extracurricular activities available to them. This year’s GCSE cohort includes pupils who excel in sport, music and drama, and those who commit time to community service in our Community Action Group and in supporting our PHAB club for disabled children. They have contributed so much to the full Yarm experience and we congratulate them all.

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