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Yarm School Rated ‘Excellent’ by Independent School Inspectors

Yarm School and Yarm Preparatory School have been awarded the highest possible grades by the independent education sector’s regulator.

Both establishments have been rated excellent in all categories by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The inspectors evaluated the schools on their educational quality focusing on the achievements of the pupils, including their academic and personal development.

At the Senior School, which caters for 11 to 18-year-olds, the inspectors’ report highlighted:

  • Pupils are high achievers, who succeed academically and across a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Pupils display exemplary attitudes towards their learning both in their individual studies and in the support and encouragement they offer their peers.
  • Pupils’ attainment successfully reflects the school’s aim to provide a first-class all-round educational experience, which equips pupils with the life skills for the future.
  • Across all age ranges, pupils demonstrate a maturity beyond their years. They accept responsibility for their own behaviour and have a keen sense of justice for all.
  • Pupils are kind, welcoming, respectful and tolerant. They demonstrate a generous spirit of giving, both to their own community and to the wider society.
  • Excellent study skills are nurtured by a style of teaching which encourages active pupil participation, a classroom ethos where mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and a strong focus on developing in pupils a love of learning.
  • Pupils are genuinely supportive of each other and are proud of the welcoming, inclusive nature of their school.

Huw Williams, Headmaster at Yarm, said:

“I am thrilled that the inspection report recognises the hard work and dedication of our whole school community: teachers, staff, governors, pupils and parents all work with cohesion to provide the best possible experience and outcomes for pupils.

It is particularly pleasing that the inspectors acknowledge the school is achieving its ethos of ‘educating for life’. At Yarm we focus not only on academic studies but also to prepare students for the challenges for adult life, ensuring they leave school with the skills, attitudes and personal attributes to help them succeed.

There is much to celebrate in the report, and I am delighted that the inspectors recognise and acknowledge the warm, inclusive and supportive nature of our school community.”

The inspection’s findings of the Preparatory School, which is attended by three to 11-year-olds, included:

  • Fostered by inspiring and stimulating teaching, appropriate curriculum and resources, pupils achieve highly and make excellent progress, especially in mathematics and English.
  • Pupils worked with enthusiasm and enjoyed the lessons.
  • Pupils of all ages exemplify excellent attitudes to learning. They take great pride in their work and in the school. In class, they listen well, fully engaged in the lessons and applied themselves in a conscientious manner whether it is working together or independently.
  • Pupils celebrate, respect and embrace their differences and value the cultural diversity of the school.
  • Pupils demonstrate superb collaborative skills and work positively with each other to solve problems and achieve common goals.
  • Pupils contribute to the lives of others by supporting the local community and fundraising for local and national charities.
  • In discussions, pupils said they appreciate the honest and clear feedback provided by staff as they know it will show where improvements can be made.

Bill Sawyer, Yarm Preparatory School Head, said:

“The glowing report perfectly reflects how we encourage and support pupils to make the most of their abilities, foster a clear sense of community and belonging, and provide opportunities that help every boy and girl develop skills and attributes that make them highly successful learners.
It is thanks to the calibre of our staff that our educational and pastoral provision and our pupils’ achievements and development have received this outstanding recognition.”

At both schools, the inspectors observed lessons, conducted interviews with pupils and examined samples of their work, held discussions with staff and the governors, observed a selection of extra-curricular activities, and attended assemblies. They also visited the learning support and educational resource areas, analysed pre-inspection questionnaires from parents, staff and pupils and examined curriculum and other school documentation.

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