Yarm School Youth Club for Young People with Disabilities Gets Off to Flying Start

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Yarm School Youth Club for Young People with Disabilities Gets Off to Flying Start

A youth club for young people with disabilities, held fortnightly at Yarm School, has proved to be a great success.

Phab Club, which is aimed at 11 to 18-year-olds, offers a range of activities such as arts and craft, board games and table tennis. Parents and guardians, who have welcomed the initiative, are able to enjoy a coffee in the School’s Atrium with stunning views of the River Tees, while their children socialise with a group of Fourth and Fifth Year pupils and members of Yarm staff.

Phab Clubs are run by local volunteers and the new Yarm branch, which began at the end of September, is organised by Yarm teacher Sophie Hussey, and strongly supported by Headmaster Huw Williams, both of whom have previous experience of being involved in the great work that Phab does.

The charity, Phab, which has been established for more than 60 years, aims to inspire and support disabled and non-disabled children, young people, and adults to make more of life.

Its aim is to break down community barriers, reduce social isolation and create opportunities for all involved to enjoy the same activities and challenges side by side.

Headmaster Huw Williams said: “Yarm School encourages both pupils and staff to become involved in projects that support the wider community, and we are delighted that a number of our pupils have embraced the Phab Club.

“It is a great initiative that is all about inclusion, having fun together and making new friends and we are delighted to host a Phab club here at school on a regular basis and that it has been so warmly received.

“Being involved in Phab is a huge amount of fun and also a powerful learning experience for all involved.  Our pupils will develop an empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by those with disabilities, as well as an appreciation of the strength of character, determination, and sense of fun that young people with disability have.  There is no doubt that is a mutually beneficial exercise, and we are thoroughly enjoying welcoming new friends to Yarm via the Phab club.”

Sophie Hussey, teacher at Yarm and lead coordinator of the School’s Phab Club, said: “Pupils were involved in the planning of the Phab club and are now having a great time with the young people who are coming along.”

The Phab Club network has 140 branches across England and Wales, which enable 8,000 children, young people and adults, both disabled and non-disabled, to enjoy activities and friendship together.

The Yarm club meets fortnightly on a Thursday from 4.45pm to 6pm and is open to new guests. To register an interest please contact Sophie Lodge by emailing sophie.lodge@yarmschool.org