Yarm School Pupil Crowned Yarm Apprentice 2021

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Yarm School Pupil Crowned Yarm Apprentice 2021

Lower Sixth Form student, Maddy Jackson, has been crowned this year’s ‘Yarm Apprentice’ following an intense process worthy of Lord Sugar’s BBC One programme.

This year the 18 hopeful pupils worked together to complete tasks put to them by five ‘Lords Sugar’, including designing a range of Yarm School memorabilia for former pupils, branding and pitching a new shampoo product, creating and filming a craft tutorial for 7–11-year-olds and proposing detailed plans for a whole school community event.

At the end of the process, all 18 pupils convened for one final time to vote for and justify their choice of outstanding apprentices throughout the process.

Peer awarded prizes across all tasks were given to Maddy as Best Leader, and Abhinav Ramisetty, a close runner-up, as Best Team Player and Best Creative Spirit. Maddy’s fellow ‘apprentices’ said she ‘was devoted to every task’ and ‘split tasks to suit people’s skills’, ‘always listening to everyone’s suggestions.’

Yarm Apprentice runner-up 2021 receives prize from Headmaster

Yarm Apprentice runner-up: Abhinav Ramisetty

Maddy said: “Winning Yarm Apprentice was extremely rewarding. I was thrilled that the time and energy I had put into the process led to winning, though I equally appreciated that throughout the process I had a great deal of fun and gained valuable new skills.

“Although I enjoyed most aspects of all the tasks, my favourite had to be the ‘Craft Tutorial Video Task.’ The whole group had fun in undertaking this task and we were able to be extremely creative which was a welcome change to the numerical side of business.”

Dr Huw Williams, Headmaster at Yarm, said: “The pupils who take part in Yarm Apprentice always work really hard and put their all into the tasks. Maddy is a deserving winner this year, and she should be proud that her fellow pupils voted for her as best leader.

We know that employers are looking for young people with more than just examination results, and this is one of the many opportunities that students at Yarm have to develop and hone their soft skills, leadership qualities and teamwork. It also gives them a valuable insight into the world of work and business and the pressures of an interview or business pitch situation.”