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Yarm Appoints Senior School Officers 2021/22

We are delighted to announce our School Officer appointments for 2021/22.

Nearly half of the Lower Sixth cohort put themselves forward for a role in the Senior School Council in September. Following the application process, culminating in interviews with the Headmaster, Deputy Head, Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head of Sixth Form, seven students were appointed:

  • School Captains: Maddy Jackson and Noah Bickenson
  • Vice Captains: Emily Carter, Kieran Gill, Mia Mack, Shilpi Nanda and Abhinav Ramisetty

They will take over from our 2020/21 Captains who have all done a fine job at leading pupils and students throughout the school over the past year.

It is the responsibility of the School Officers to represent their peers, coordinate the work of the School Prefect team, lead the pupil body and work closely with Senior Management to ensure the School maintains strong relationships with pupils and students. They also support staff, teaching and non-teaching, to help make Yarm a better place, ensuring it remains a happy, caring, well behaved and tolerant community.

This is one of many leadership roles available at the School which challenges students to use their initiative, take on greater responsibility and work as part of a team.

Our 2020/21 School Officers shared some insights into their experiences over the last 12 months and penned some words of wisdom for the next cohort, as well as pupils in younger years who already have their sights set on becoming a School Officer…

Reflections from the outgoing School Officers

JuJu said: “I have really enjoyed my time as a School Officer. I thoroughly enjoyed all the things and events I did for the School in my time, such as the assembly and representing the school in videos or when talking with other people. I have learnt how to manage my normal school life alongside the responsibilities that came with being School Captain and the organisational skill is something I can definitely transfer later on in my life. I also learnt how to voice my opinion and the opinions of my peers in our weekly meetings with the Headmaster.”

Jack, who thoroughly enjoyed the close relationship he and his peers established with senior management, as well as being able to influence decisions made throughout the school, advised the new officers to “make the most out of the opportunity and if everything has returned to normal by September, use this to lift the spirits of pupils at Yarm and to offer new ideas that will bring the School back even stronger and more connected than before.”

Lily said: “I’ve really enjoyed my time as a School officer, despite circumstances being different this year due to Covid. I particularly enjoyed the weekly meetings with the Head as I feel having the opportunity to have open discussions as a team really taught me how to express my ideas openly and confidently. I only wish Covid-19 restrictions could have allowed us to interact more with the other year groups, but I’m sure next year’s School Officers will do an excellent job of this.”

Chloe echoed this: “I think that being a School Officer has made me more empathetic. There have been meetings with Dr Williams where we have been discussing certain matters and it has been so interesting to hear so many different viewpoints on the subject; I think that the experience has made me much more aware of the impact even a small decision can have.”

Erin agreed: “I’ve really enjoyed my time as a School Officer. I’ve made some great friendships with my team and other members of the School that I will always cherish. I also think I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my ability to take leadership roles and have learnt how to connect and empathise with lots of different people.”

Atti shared some of his advice for the next group of officers as they prepare for the leadership role: “I enjoyed being able to bring forward ideas from my peers and discuss them as a team. I’d advise the new school officers to be open-minded and engage with as many people as they can across school.”

A chance to give back

Maddy, Noah, Emily, Kieran, Mia, Shilpi and Abhinav have each communicated a keen interest in being able to give something back to the School community whilst helping Yarm move back to a more connected environment as, hopefully, current restrictions are lifted. We spoke to each of them, asking why they put themselves forward for the role and what they’re looking forward to most.

Maddy, who put herself forwards for the role as she has looked up to former School Officers, is “looking forward to working towards moving back to a more regular and connected school environment, bringing back the sense of a fully interactive and exciting atmosphere to the school community, alongside the team of school officers.”

Noah agreed that he is “most looking forward to being able to help reconnect the Yarm School community as we hopefully return to normality in the coming year” and also noted the importance of becoming a role model to the younger pupils: “Throughout my time at Yarm Senior School and Sixth Form I have always looked up to the School Captains and Vice Captains – the prospect of becoming one myself soon turned into an aspiration. Having the opportunity to be that person for somebody else is what motivated me to strive for the job.”

Emily is eager to build her leadership and teamwork skills: “I am really keen to gain more responsibility and play a meaningful role within the School community. I am particularly looking forward to working with my fellow officers to offer our ideas.” Similarly, Shilpi is most looking forward to “working with the other officers to help reintegrate the School in the new academic year and, having been at Yarm for many years, seizing the opportunity to contribute back to the community.”

Kieran and Mia share similar intentions, both keen to inspire and support younger pupils in School. Kieran said: “I want to provide a fresh perspective on school life. I am looking forward to supporting younger pupils in making the most of the vast array of opportunities available to them and further developing the strong sense of community at Yarm School” whilst Mia said: “I have always looked up to the School Officers that have come before me and aspire to be that for someone else and would love to inspire younger pupils to do the same when they get to the Sixth Form.”

Finally, Abhinav said: “I put myself forward for the role of School Officer because Yarm School has given me so many opportunities and I wanted to take the chance to give something back to the School. One thing I’m looking forward to is helping the School adjust back to normal after Covid-19.”

We would like to thank the outgoing School Officers for all their support over the last 12 months and wish them all the best for the future. Congratulations and good luck to our new School Officers – we look forward to seeing how you make the role your own next year.

2020 School Officers hand over blues to 2021 Yarm School Officers