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Prep School Pupil Is Highly Commended In Poetry Competition

Prep School Pupil Is Highly Commended In Poetry Competition

Eight-year-old Prep School pupil, Alexandra Prideaux, has received an award for her participation in the prestigious Charles Causley Trust Young Person’s Poetry Competition.

The annual competition invites young people aged 5-18 to write their own poems around a specific theme; this year the theme was ‘environment’. Alex entered the 7-11 age category with her poem ‘Tilly Tiger, one of the first poems she wrote when she had just turned five.

Alex was awarded ‘1st Highly Commended’ and was given the chance to read the poem aloud, as well as receive feedback from the judges. As a special prize to mark her hard work, Alex will receive a collection of poems written by Charles Causley.

Alex is no stranger to poetry competitions, having previously participated in The Terry Kelly Poetry competition, where she was shortlisted for the top prize. Though she narrowly missed out on first place, her work was published in the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize Anthology. Alex was also shortlisted for the Wicked Young Writers Award for children aged 5-7 in 2018 and was a prize winner in two Poetry Zone competitions.

Alex said: “I really enjoy writing poetry and entering lots of competitions is great fun!

Taking part in the ceremony and reading my poem for the judges was very exciting. I was happy to be a prize winner and I am looking forward to receiving the collection of poems by Charles Causley.”

Bill Sawyer, Headmaster at Yarm Prep School, said: “Alex is a very talented young girl, and she should be very proud of her work.

We believe in nurturing our pupils’ talents from a young age to help them improve and develop their skills. Entering competitions like the Charles Causley Trust Young Person’s Poetry Competition gives pupils the recognition they deserve, as well as helping to build confidence.”

Tilly Tiger

Tilly Tiger, Tilly Tiger
prowls all night and day.
Fearsome tiger? Friendly tiger?
Does she want to play?

Tilly Tiger, Tilly Tiger,
makes a quiet roar.
Does she like sleeping? Does she climb
high up off the floor?

Tilly Tiger, Tilly Tiger;
coat of orange and black.
Where has she gone? Where is she now?
Is she coming back?