GCSE Achievements 2021

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GCSE Achievements 2021

The enthusiasm, optimism and generosity of spirit our GCSE pupils have shown this year has been inspirational and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to witness their progress.

Though Covid-19 posed numerous challenges for schools, our pupils demonstrated admirable resilience and took various lockdowns, periods of remote learning, and new rigorous assessments in their stride.

There is no doubt that pupils have faced turbulent and uncertain times during the pandemic, but our Fifth Year pupils maintained their engagement, commitment and sheer hard work and their efforts are rightfully reflected in their excellent GCSE results. These continue Yarm’s longstanding tradition of academic success and within them are many stories of individual endeavour and determination which has enabled pupils to reach their full potential.

This talented year group is not defined simply by their exam results, and beyond the classroom pupils took full advantage of the opportunities available to them with notable sporting, musical, dramatic and extracurricular achievements they should be proud of. By throwing themselves into every aspect of school life here at Yarm, they finish Year 11 as confident, independent and well-rounded individuals who have demonstrated impressive personal growth and development which will stand them in good stead for their Sixth Form studies.

Yarm’s ethos of ‘Educating for Life’ aims to prepare pupils for the diverse challenges and opportunities of life beyond school and whilst no-one could have prepared any of us for the events that unfolded over the last 18 months, we celebrate the ways in which our pupils adapted and persevered. They have done so with the outstanding support from committed, caring and talented teachers who, alongside our whole staff team, have worked tirelessly to maintain the high academic standards and broad extracurricular opportunities available to pupils here at Yarm.

All the staff at Yarm are very proud of this group of pupils and we congratulate them for their academic and personal achievements.

– Dr Huw Williams, Headmaster