GCSE Results 2020

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GCSE Results 2020

Yarm School pupils are celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results which are consistent with the School’s high academic standards.

Almost half of all grades (49%) awarded achieved a 9 or 8 (A*), with 71% of grades awarded at 7, 8 or 9 (A* and A grades). Seven pupils achieved an impressive feat of a full house of grade 9s. Noah Bickenson, Hasmeet Gill, Patricia Jude, Shilpi Nanda, Abhinav Ramisetty, Charlotte Rutter and Ananya Singh were all awarded 11 out of 11 grade 9s. Throughout the spectrum of grades there are examples of pupils who have achieved results that reflect significant academic progress and personal success and the School celebrates all of the pupils’ achievements.

Dr Huw Williams, Headmaster at Yarm, said: “Our teachers have worked with these students closely and they know them well. GCSE results based on the School’s understanding of our pupils and our professional judgement was the right decision and I am relieved that our talented Year 11 pupils will not face the same degree of uncertainty and anxiety that A Level students faced last week. This cohort of pupils have suffered significant disruption in this important examination year, however we have been struck by their fortitude and optimism despite the challenging circumstances. Our pupils have achieved excellent results which reflect the culmination of their efforts and the outstanding support provided by their teachers over the course of their GCSE studies.

“The way the original A Level results were calculated threw up a range of inexplicable and unfair outcomes for a number of our students. Whilst there is no perfect system in the absence of examinations, it’s critical that individual students feel that they have been judged by a system that recognises their efforts and their ability, rather than by a faceless algorithm. The great shame of the last week is that uncertainty reigned for so long; this placed a great deal of unfair pressure on students and their families.

“What grades alone cannot demonstrate is the wider personal growth and development of our pupils, and this cohort of Yarm pupils who celebrate their GCSE results today have also taken full advantage of the breadth of opportunity beyond the academic with notable sporting, musical, dramatic and extracurricular successes and memories. Yarm’s determination to educate for life underpins our ethos and these pupils embody the success of our approach. We look forward to welcoming them back to school in September as they embark on their careers in the Sixth Form.”

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