A Level Results 2020

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A Level Results 2020

Yarm School are pleased to report that 32% of A Level results were graded A*. Furthermore, 63% of all A Level grades achieved the top-level A*/A results, with 83% graded at A*-B.

Post updated 20/08/2020 following the Government’s decision to award students teacher-assessed grades.

Dr Huw Williams, Headmaster said: “We have once again achieved a very strong set of exam results which reflect the school’s perennial high standards. We celebrate these overall achievements and a great many individual stories of hard work and perseverance, justly rewarded by excellent outcomes.

This year, our leavers are going on to study a range of diverse courses at prestigious universities, including highly competitive courses such as medicine, as well as pursuing a range of other opportunities including degree apprenticeships, performing arts courses and moving directly into employment.

Whilst we are pleased with these results which are in line with our strong three-year average, these headline statistics do not tell the whole story. Some of our students, who have worked incredibly hard towards their A Level examinations, originally faced disappointment with their results that had been awarded via the calculated grades process. We are sorry that these students had to experience such turbulent times following an already stressful and uncertain few months, however we are happy that the final results truly reflect our pupils’ efforts and ability.

As well as enabling strong academic results, Yarm School’s ethos of ‘Educating for Life’ prepares our students for the diverse challenges of life beyond school. Our students leave school with the skills, personal qualities and drive that will set them up to succeed in adult life. We are extremely proud of this cohort of students who have, through no fault of their own, had this most important stage of their school lives compromised by COVID-19. In the face of such uncertainty, they have shown admirable resilience and determination and I am sure they will go on to make a success of the next stages of their lives.”