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Nine Students Gain Places at Oxbridge

Wednesday 21st January 2015

Nine students from a year group of 99 have been offered places on courses at Oxford and Cambridge U...

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Yarm Welcomes International Guest Netball Coach

Tuesday 20th January 2015

We are delighted to have guest netball coach, Lindsay Filiata, with us this week from New Zealand. ...

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Open Lecture Series

Thursday 8th January 2015

As part of our commitment to expanding the academic horizons of all pupils, we would like to announ...

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Teacher Contact Details

Display name School email School(s)
Mr Adams Senior
Mr Addison Senior
Mrs Ankers Senior, Pre-Prep, Prep
Mrs Arrol Prep
Miss Backhouse Senior
Mrs Baines Senior
Mrs Barton Pre-Prep
Miss Bell Pre-Prep
Miss Bellamy Senior
Ms Blakemore Senior
Mr Boddy Senior
Mr Booth Senior
Miss Bownas Senior
Dr Brinham Senior, Prep
Mr Burns Senior
Mrs Catterall Prep, Pre-Prep
Dr Chapman Senior
Mrs Charlton Senior
Mrs Clarke Senior
Mr Connery Senior
Mrs Cook Prep
Miss Cottrell Senior
Mr Crabtree Senior
Mr Craig Senior
Mrs Craven Prep, Pre-Prep
Mrs Crookes Senior
Miss Darbar Pre-Prep
Mr Davis Prep, Pre-Prep
Mr Day Senior
Mrs Desmond Prep
Mrs Dugdale Senior
Mr Dunn Headmaster
Mr Dunn Senior
Mrs Dunn Senior, Pre-Prep
Mr Edwards Senior
Mr Emerson Senior
Mr Fellows Senior
Mrs Fletcher Senior
Mr Foggett Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep
Miss Gamble Senior
Dr Goodall Senior
Mr Grainge Senior
Mrs Gratton Senior, Prep
Mrs Gray Pre-Prep
Mr Grimwood Senior
Mr Grundmann Prep
Mr Guest Senior
Mrs Guest Senior
Mr Hall Senior
Miss Hall Pre-Prep
Mr Harandon Prep
Mr Hardy Senior
Mrs Harrison Senior
Mrs Heavers Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep
Frau Heinen Senior
Miss Howell Senior
Mr Hulme Senior
Mrs Jackson Senior
Mrs Jennings Prep
Miss Johnson Senior
Mrs Jones Prep
Mrs Jones Pre-Prep
Miss Kelly Prep, Pre-Prep
Mr Law Senior
Mrs Leary Senior
Mrs Lightfoot Senior
Mrs Lofthouse-Hill Prep
Mr Logan Senior
Rev Lund Senior
Mr Macaulay Senior
Mrs Mavin Prep
Mrs McCormack Senior, Prep
Mr McIntyre Senior
Mrs Menzies Senior, Prep
Mr Menzies Senior
Mr Mist Senior
Mr Monk Senior
Miss Moran Pre-Prep
Mr Morrison Senior
Mr Morton Senior
Mr Mulligan Senior
Mrs Mulligan Pre-Prep
Mrs Nickson Senior
Mrs North   Prep
Ms Pallister Senior
Mrs Parker   Pre-Prep
Mr Parker Senior
Mrs Pearce Prep
Mr Pearce Prep
Mr Pender Senior
Dr Perry Senior
Miss Phillips Pre-Prep
Mr Pointon Senior
Mrs Pratt Prep, Pre-Prep
Dr Prideaux Senior
Mrs Pugsley Prep, Pre-Prep
Mrs Pyke Senior
Mr Ravenhall Senior
Miss Redhead Senior, Prep
Miss Rhodes Senior
Miss Rowlands Pre-Prep
Mrs Ruston Senior
Mr Rye Senior
Mrs Salvage Senior
Mr Sawyer Prep, Pre-Prep
Mrs Selby Pre-Prep
Mr Sellers Prep
Mr Skerratt Senior
Mrs Snape Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep
Mrs Speight Prep, Pre-Prep
Mrs Staggs Senior
Ms Stebbings Senior
Mr Stone Prep, Pre-Prep
Mrs Symington Pre-Prep
Mr Telfer Senior
Mr Thomas Senior
Mrs Thomas Pre-Prep
Mrs Thompson Senior
Mr Thompson Senior
Dr Tulloch Senior
Miss Turner Senior
Mr Van Opstal Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep
Miss Walker Senior
Mrs Walker Senior
Mr Ward Senior
Mr Webb Senior
Mrs White Prep
Dr Woodhead Senior
Mr Woodward Senior
Mr Yates Senior

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