YA Supports Local Charity

A Dragon’s Den style project between Yarm School and Darlington Building Society has supported The Halo Project with a £400 donation. The Halo Project is a local charity which helps victims suffering abuse in the name of honour and those experiencing forced marriage.

As part of the school’s 40th birthday celebrations, Darlington Building Society agreed to donate £400 to the Yarm Apprentice project to support one local charity. Each student pitched their idea on why their chosen charity is the most deserving of the donation.The students also raised money to buy items they believed would benefit people being helped by the charity including nappies, wipes, body wash and toys.

Caroline Rhodes, who runs the project at the school, said: “I’m very impressed with the student’s efforts. They were thorough in their research and very articulate in their pitching. “The Halo Project is a fantastic, well-deserving cause and I hope the money we have donated helps to make a difference and improves the lives of those who are suffering.”

Kathryn Leighton of Darlington Building Society said: “The budding entrepreneurs all made a very strong case for their own good causes. “It was a difficult decision but in the end the team advocating for The Halo Project won the day and the money.”

Penny Thomas of The Halo Project, said: “We’re incredibly grateful for the kind donation we have received from Yarm School and would like to take the time to thank the students who pitched our charity to the Darlington Building Society ‘dragon’. “The Halo Project helps to support a large number of victims across the Tees Valley and the North East and any donations help us to increase the standard of our service to our clients.”

The students on the winning team who pitched The Halo Project were Daniel Orlopp, Alex Dunn, Aislinn Kalyan, Aki Banerjee, Phillip Simpson, Kirsty Macleod, Aditya Jha, Rebecca Swinbank, Millie McCormack, Aditi Ratnaparki and Rachel McMurray

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