Terry Kelly Poetry Prize Finalist 2019

Alexandra Prideaux, who is in Year One, was the youngest competitor shortlisted at the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize in North Shields. The competition is open to young writers from the North East of England. Her category was 5-11 and covered all of the primary school age range. She was one of just seven chosen, from hundreds of entries, in her category.

Although not coming in first place, Alex’s poem 'I Love School' is now published in the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize 2019 Anthology, which is a fantastic achievement, especially at only six years old.  Alexandra now has several of her poems in the public sphere; her poem 'Swimming' was published in two anthologies last year, and also features on the iRead educational software distributed to hundreds of schools around the UK and the EU by University College London. 

Two more of her poems - 'Under the Sea' and 'Springing Squirrel' - were shared online by the publisher 'Little Poems' earlier this year and are available to view online below. Well done Alex!





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