Social, Personal and Citizenship Education follows an internally constructed course throughout the whole Senior School.  This is where our pupils are prepared for the world beyond the classroom; they will explore what it means to be human, to think and to feel; they are advised on how to navigate adolescence and the adult world beyond; they will find out how to manage their finances or choose a career, as well as about the principles we, as British citizens, collectively hold most dear.  The Head of Department is Dr Paul Prideaux, who is supported by contributions from a wide range of experienced colleagues, as well as by visiting speakers and external agencies that offer tailored expertise in particular areas. 

    The curriculum is based around the following key themes:
    •    Bullying
    •    Careers
    •    Civic Life
    •    Culture
    •    Drugs
    •    Finance
    •    Law & Order
    •    Parenting & Family
    •    Physiology
    •    Prejudice & Discrimination
    •    Psyche
    •    Relationships
    •    Sexual Health
    •    Sexuality
    •    Spirituality
    •    Technology
    Lessons use a variety of approaches including discussion, written work and role-play.  All of the themes will be visited each year with progressively mature and complex aspects being explored as pupils move through the school.  Teachers, drawing from relevant and up-to-date research, encourage pupils to discuss what they know or believe about a topic before helping them to learn more and to consider alternative points of view.

    The curriculum takes a positive and responsive approach, focusing on what young people can do to keep themselves and others healthy and safe, enabling us to lead happy and fulfilling lives.  We aim to provide information that is realistic and relevant, exploring and reinforcing positive social norms.  We encourage young people to reflect on their learning and the progress they have made, and to transfer what they have learned from one school subject to another, and from school to their lives in the wider community.  Equipping pupils to be able to make informed life choices is the central theme of our work.

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