Yarm School is keen to attract pupils of considerable potential who will make the most of the opportunities on offer. The School offers both Scholarships and Bursaries.

    Bursaries (Senior and Sixth Form pupils)

    Yarm School wishes to make it possible for bright, promising children to be able to attend the School regardless of domestic circumstances. Means-tested bursaries are available for bright children entering the Senior School. Applications must be made in advance of the Entrance Assessment. A Bursary is a fee reduction to take account of limited parental resources.  Bursaries are funded from deposits set aside for this purpose and from the general income of the School.  As a guide, assistance is given on a sliding scale, linked to family income. The School will consider making an award where the total gross family income is less than £50,000 per annum.  In some cases the School will also offer financial support for extras such as lunch, trips and uniform. All applications are dealt with on the understanding that enquiry will be made as a matter of routine into the financial resources (including assets) of any family making a Bursary application. All details made in the application are kept confidential. Bursaries are always offered for 12 months at a time. The family is required to provide fresh information about its circumstances for every year that their child attends the School.

    A Bursary application form is available and applications must be submitted to the School before the date of the Entrance Assessments. Bursary applications which are received later than this are unlikely to be successful as the funds are likely to have been allocated. It is likely that there will be more Bursary applications than there are funds available in which case academic performance in the Entrance Assessment will be the deciding criterion.

    For further information about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact the Headmaster’s PA, Mrs Jane Herbert, on 01642 786023 or by e-mail at Head@yarmschool.org.


    Senior School Academic Scholarship (11-16 years)

    The School offers a small number of Academic Scholarships (to external and internal candidates who all take the same assessment) of no more than 10% of school fees. Academic merit in the Entrance Assessment is the sole criterion. Retention of the Scholarships is subject to excellent academic effort and progress and high standards of behaviour. Holders of Scholarships may also apply for further financial support through a means-tested Bursary.


    Music Scholarships (Entry at: 11+, 13+ or 16+)

    Pupils at 11+, 13+ or 16+ may apply for a Music Scholarship. Candidates for these awards must, in the first instance, show reasonable all-round academic ability in the Entrance Assessment. A high standard of achievement for the age of the pupil is expected on one or more instruments or voice; candidates may also offer composition at 16+.

    A separate Music Audition is given to candidates. Retention of such an award is subject to excellent musical progress and a high level of involvement in the musical life of the School; in addition, the pupil must make sound academic progress and display high standards of behaviour. Applications must be received by Monday, 13th January 2020.


    Arkwright Scholarships (Sixth Form)

    Yarm School is one of a limited number of schools which have been selected to offer Arkwright Scholarships for Design and Technology. These scholarships are tenable for the two Sixth Form years. Applications must be made by the end of January in the year the Sixth Form studies are to commence. Further details are available from the Head of Design Technology, Mr I Barrett (IB@yarmschool.org).


    Sixth Form Scholarships

    Yarm School is pleased to offer up to four Sixth Form scholarships annually of up to 100% off tuition fees for outstanding candidates new to the School. These are means-tested awards and joint parental income must be below £45,000 p.a. The aim of these scholarships is to promote the benefits of an independent school Sixth Form education to those who would not otherwise be able to afford private education.

    Sixth Form Science Scholarships

    Two Science Scholarships may be awarded to outstanding applicants new to the school. Candidates must secure a minimum of eight 7/8/9 grades at GCSE and are expected to study a selection of subjects including Mathematics and the Sciences.

    Sixth Form Humanities Scholarships

    Two Science Scholarships may be awarded Scholarships to outstanding applicants new to the school. Candidates must secure a minimum of eight 7/8/9 grades at GCSE and are expected to study a selection of subjects including Arts, Humanities and Languages.

    Application forms are available from the School and must be submitted by Monday, 13th January 2020 along with the Supplementary Information Form and a copy of a recent school report. We will then request a reference from the student’s current school.

    Candidates for scholarships will be required to sit a special assessment in TWO subjects of their choice on the morning of Saturday, 18th January 2020. The performance in this assessment, and information from school reports and references will be used to shortlist applicants who will then be called to an interview with the Headmaster and Head of Sixth Form.


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