The Psychology Department at Yarm School came into existence in 1993 in response to a request from students: it has grown and thrived ever since to become a popular and flourishing subject within the Sixth Form. The Head of Department is Mr James Armitage. Pupils study the OCR Psychology specification and lessons are principally taught in dedicated classrooms above the Sixth Form block, which are warm, welcoming and well-resourced spaces that provide the subject with a distinctive identity. Over the past few years, a departmental library has been established, where students can access books, magazines and DVD resources relevant to their course and to areas of Psychology of particular interest to them. 

    Given that Psychology is only taught at A-Level at Yarm School, awareness of the subject is raised among the Lower School students via Induction Days and a weekly Psychology Club that is run during the Activities Sessions. This club is open to students in First, Second and Third Years and covers areas such as memory, perception and Comparative Psychology.

    The Psychology Department has enjoyed great success, securing excellent results at A-Level and in terms of university entrance. Psychology is a versatile subject and can act as a useful adjunct to many other disciplines, so the groups within the Lower and Upper Sixth bring together students from both the Arts and the Sciences, combining prospective medics, lawyers and entrepreneurs. It is this combination that makes the Psychology Department so dynamic. Intellectual rigour is ensured within a nurturing, supportive environment: a questioning, discursive approach to topics is balanced alongside rigorous analytical methods and an emphasis on the close scrutiny of data.

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