There is a strong sense of community at Yarm School. We aim to provide a caring and safe environment in which each pupil is able to realise his or her full academic, social, cultural and sporting potential. Our School Values are based on respect for every member of the community, on thoughtfulness and on courtesy.

    Every pupil has the right to look for happiness and security at school and we believe that it should combine high personal and social standards with a friendly atmosphere and mutual tolerance in which pupils of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, of all religious persuasions and of various levels of ability are welcome and supported.

    We recognise that our pupils have various talents and differing rates of development and therefore attach great value to every achievement, however modest, which stems from their efforts. Therefore, we positively encourage an appreciation of, and respect for, the work of every member of our community.

    We expect our pupils to do their best to aspire to excellence, to be diligent, honest, reliable, punctual, tidy in their appearance and to practise good manners in their relationships with one another and with staff.

    Through our pastoral structure, coupled with our programmes for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE), we aim to help each pupil to become a valuable member of society, to understand themselves and others and to develop a personal code of morals that reflect an understanding of fundamental British values.

    The pastoral welfare of each pupil is nurtured within the school to reflect these aims and we set great store by the way we care for every individual to ensure that pupils live and work in a safe environment where they are respected and listened to by adults. Our school procedures and policies have been developed in accordance to legislative and national guidelines.

    In the Prep School, our pastoral care is, on a day to day basis, supported by the Form Teacher who will develop warm relationships with each child and ensure that they provide consistent and caring support. The Deputy Head has oversight for pastoral provision in the Prep School and supports the Form Teachers in their role. The Deputy Head is also the Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection and liaises closely with the pastoral team throughout the school. Our Health and First Aid Co-ordinator, as a registered Nurse, is also available to give support and advice on medical issues regarding pupil health and welfare.

    As well as their form, each child belongs to a House in the Prep School, which enables the children to develop friendships across a range of year groups, as well as having the opportunity to forge relationships with house tutors who remain close to them throughout their time here.

    Throughout the school, pupil voice is developed via our School Council and Eco Committee. Our Year 6 children also have the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor, giving them the chance to develop the skills to support younger children during playtimes and other events.

    We go to great lengths to work in partnership with parents to make sure that their children are happy and fulfilled. We run a programme of workshops and information events for parents which help to develop a clear understanding of our academic and pastoral approach. Our Form Teachers are available to see each day at the beginning and the end of school and can be contacted via email if a parent is not able to come to school.  We value communication that is open, timely and supportive and believe that the closer we work in partnership with our parents the more progress a child will make. 

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