Open Lecture - “Einstein’s Revolutionary Ideas in Physics”

As part of our commitment to providing enrichment opportunities for pupils and to extend their understanding beyond the curriculum, we are delighted to welcome Dr Vincent Smith who will be delivering the next lecture in the Open Lecture Series.

Dr Smith will be visiting from the University of Bristol and will deliver his talk on "Einstein's Revolutionary Ideas in Physics". The talk briefly mentions the state of the world in 1879, the year of Einstein's birth, and his early years in Germany and Switzerland. It then focusses on the three revolutionary ideas he put forward in 1905: the explanation of Brownian Motion, which allowed measurements of the masses of molecules, and was the first compelling evidence for their existence as real entities; the explanation of the photo-electric effect, in which he proposed that light could behave as particles ("photons" as we now know them), as well as waves; and the idea of an invariant speed of light, which was the foundation of Special Relativity. 

The lecture will be held in the Lecture Theatre on Tuesday 17th January and it will begin at 5pm. It should last approximately one hour including time for questions. 

If you would like to attend the lecture, please email Mrs Harrison ( Additional spaces can also be reserved for family and friends of Yarm School.

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