The Yarm Preparatory School Music Department seeks to give all children the opportunity to take part in music making and to enable all children to achieve high standards of musical performance.

    Pupils understand key musical concepts through hands-on experience and there is a policy of ‘music for all’, whilst allowing our most able musicians to develop their skills.  The aim is for all children to leave the Prep School being the best musician that they can be.

    Children in Pre-Prep explore moving to music, singing songs, learning about musical instruments, listening to a variety of genres and developing confidence.  They also compose their own music and notate it in a variety of ways.

    Years 3-6 have an exciting music curriculum which changes every year in order to appeal to the interests of each year group.  They always perform, compose and listen, and develop their note reading, and writing, skills.  Children can use their own instrument for compositions where appropriate.

    The school aims to offer instrumental tuition to all pupils who wish to pursue individual study with a specialist teacher. The “come and try” an Instrument event is a brilliant opportunity for children to come and have a go in order to decide which instrument they would like to learn. 

    Our pupils are currently learning: Singing, Violin, Cello, Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn, Harp, Saxophone, Drum kit, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone and Baritone, but we happily source new teachers if a different instrument is required.

    The school also has a wide array of ensembles and music clubs including:

    • Choristers
    • Chamber and Training Orchestra
    • Brass Group
    • Wind Band
    • Percussion Groups
    • String Quartet,
    • Advanced Recorder Group,
    • Year 5 Recorder Group,
    • Year 3 Recorders
    • Beginner Recorder group
    • Clarinet Group,
    • Flute Choir,
    • Beginners Flute Group
    • Piano Duets
    •  2 Guitar Orchestras.
    • Ocarina Club
    • Ukulele Club
    • Pre-Prep Recorder Club,
    • Pre-Prep Singing Sensations
    • Pre-Prep Junior Choristers
    • Pre-Prep Ukulele
    • Pre-Prep Ocarina

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