Life Skills, Thrills and Spills

The children returned to School to discover new and exciting outdoor learning equipment in the Prep School’s adventure trail.

Our adventure trail has been a hit since its installation and has played a significant role in promoting teamwork, developing leadership skills and offering exploratory opportunities. Now, new challenge hubs will drive this behaviour further.

This includes the new Wild Woozee which has already proved to be a favourite with our younger pupils. As they climb and clamber across they are driven to problem solve and find a safe way of crossing.

The Maze, Swamp and Web Cube are other new additions, all of which present a myriad of new challenges for the children to work through together and encourage a range of critical life skills to be exercised. When the time comes for a rest or a little down time, the trail is now fitted with a Recovery Zone. This is also the perfect spot to explore creative performance opportunities.

Outdoor Learning is a crucial aspect of the learning and development of all children as it helps develop creativity and resilience whilst offering opportunities for exercise and social interactions. Combined with the astro turf, outdoor chess, table tennis, cricket nets, quiet area and netball hoops, the adventure trail allows us to incorporate Outdoor Learning into all of the childrens’ lives, whether that’s during play or as part of a structured lesson in the curriculum.

We are grateful to our Parents Social Committee who have contributed towards the new equipment which will be enjoyed for many years to come.


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