Nurturing a sense of responsibility in our pupils as they develop and mature through their time at school is very important to us. Opportunities for pupils to use their initiative, to take leadership roles and to understand how to work as part of a team abound; for example in sports teams and through captaincy roles, organising house events and activities or lecture programmes, on outward bound courses or as volunteers supporting activities such as induction days or as peer mentors.

    In the Sixth Form these opportunities become even more pronounced, for example through our ‘Take a Lead’ Programme or Sixth Form Mentoring system, both of which provide a guided opportunity for older pupils to help and support the younger members of the school community. Our Sixth Form pupils are always keen to give something back to the School and many of them apply to be considered for the roles of School Officers, Prefects and House Officers.

    The School Officers and Prefects work closely with the Headmaster and his Senior Management Team colleagues as well as supporting all other school staff, teaching and non-teaching. We see our Prefects as a group of young men and women who can help us to make the School an even better place; a happier, more caring, better behaved and more tolerant community. 

    For any school to be purposeful, dynamic and to continue to develop positively, there must also be an opportunity for all members to feel that their views and opinions are listened to and that they can make a constructive contribution to the community as a whole: the School Council is a pupil group organised by the Heads of Middle School and Sixth Form and chaired by members of the Sixth Form. Council members are elected by the pupils themselves and each year group in the School is represented. The Council meets regularly throughout the year to consider a range of agenda items that are relevant to the pupils themselves. Council members will conduct surveys to canvas pupil opinions on particular issues and prepare reports and presentations for the Council to consider. A separate Eco-Schools Council, also with elected pupil representatives, exists to consider environmental issues as part of the School’s Green Flag status.

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