Members of the Sixth Form are encouraged to take on positions of responsibility during their time in the Sixth Form and we provide many opportunities for this.

    Nurturing a sense of responsibility in our students as they develop and mature through their time at school is very important to us. Opportunities are available for students to use their initiative, to take leadership roles and to understand how to work as part of a team.

    The ‘Take a Lead’ Programme and Peer Support Mentoring system both provide a guided opportunity for Sixth Form students to help and to support the younger members of the School community.

    There is a Sixth Form Council with representatives from each tutor group that meets to discuss Sixth Form matters and sends representatives to the whole School Council.

    The School’s team of Prefects is chosen from the Sixth Form students during the Lower Sixth year and from these the School Captains and Vice-Captains are selected.  House Officers play a leading role in helping the Head of House to organize House activities.

    The School Officers and Prefects work closely with the Headmaster and his Senior Management Team colleagues as well as supporting all other school staff, teaching and non-teaching. We see our Prefects as a group of young men and women who can help us to make this school an even better place; a happier, more caring, better behaved and more tolerant community.

    Other roles exist as captains of sports teams, in the School’s Combined Cadet Force, and in organising drama productions or music ensembles.

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