The Geography Department teaches a topical internally designed course throughout the lower school years. Pupils who choose the subject as an option then complete the CIE IGCSE in Geography and, in Sixth Form study, the AQA Geography A level Specification. Geography is a popular option at all levels: a high number of Sixth Form students carry on with Geography or related subjects at university.

    Geography is a subject that seeks to explain the patterns, processes and landforms of the physical environment, exploring its dynamic relationship with human society. From the study of plate tectonics to sustainable development, such understanding is vital appreciating the challenges faced in the modern global world. Geography is a traditional academic subject, but constantly evolves to reflect the issues faced by the world around us. The bridge between the Arts subjects and the Sciences, Geography is a wonderful complement to a wide range of option choices. Regular visits to regional sites help consolidate case study knowledge and develop fundamental fieldwork skills, enabling independent pupil research. These visits include a study of the River Tees, a study of the geomorphology of the Holderness Coast and the impacts of tourism in Bridlington. We make use of a number of fieldwork centres in National Park settings and more adventurous trips to international locations, such as Iceland, are considered wonderful educational opportunities for our pupils.

    Geography is compulsory in the lower years and, during this time, pupils are given a taste of both local and global geographical matters. Pupils start the First Year by considering what Geography means to them, reflecting upon their geographical experiences; a local fieldwork enquiry ensures that important geographical skills are introduced. In the Second Year, pupils study the Geography of the past, present and future. In Third Year pupils study tectonics, industry, water, energy and geographical skills.The focus is on case studies and skills, ensuring a confident understanding of the demands and expectations of IGCSE Geography. Senior School pupils – and in particular, those taking A Level Geography – have the opportunity to attend a range of Royal Geography Society enrichment lectures each year. 

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