GCSE Success

Pupils at Yarm School are celebrating a superb set of GCSE results with a 37% A* rate. This is astonishing compared to last year’s national average of 7% and 5% for the North East.

An impressive 14 pupils achieved 10 or more A* grades. The fabulous fourteen are: Katie Anderson (13 A*), Elizabeth Arrol (12 A*), Elizabeth Atherton (10 A*), Afshaun Azad (10 A*), Matilda Burridge (14 A*), Gamasri Dhawan (10 A*), Naveen Jesuraj (11 A*), Rishi Kumar (10 A*), James Lister (10 A*), Michael Lister (13 A*), Anjali Pradeep (10 A*), Alex Ravenhall (10 A*), Darshan Viswanath (10 A*) and Phoebe White (12 A*).

Two sets of twins, Michael and James Lister, and Katie and Edward Anderson are delighted after achieving a total of 44 A* grades between them. Michael and Katie both gained a full house of A* grades with 13 A* each. Michael and James Lister have opted to take sciences and maths at A level, whilst Katie and Edward have opted for different subjects.

Over two-thirds of all exams sat resulted in an A* or A grade being awarded. Ten pupils who took Further Maths achieved an A* distinction, the highest grade possible at GCSE (above an A*).

Modern Languages are an important part of the curriculum at Yarm School with all pupils studying at least one language at GCSE, with many choosing to study more. The average A* rate across French, German and Spanish was a remarkable 40%. Linguist, Matilda Burridge, achieved a full house of A* grades achieving 14 A*s out of 14 exams sat, five of which were in languages.

Yarm Headmaster David Dunn said: “We’re delighted with the GCSE results, which are outstanding. Pupils are excelling at traditional, more difficult academic subjects which are valued by universities and employers.

With a remarkable 40% A* rate in Modern Languages we are delighted to buck the worrying national decline in the number of pupils studying a language.

The GSCE results come on the back of last week’s record breaking A level results where Yarm’s A* rate was the highest in the North of England for all state and HMC schools.”

  Yarm School North East National Average
Percentage of A* grades 37% 4.9% 6.5%
Percentage of A*-A grades 66.1% 17.3% 20.5%
Percentage of A*-B grades 85% 38.5% 41.9%


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