GCSE Results Day - Amazing A* 45% rate

Yarm School is celebrating outstanding GCSE results. The amazing A* rate of 45% is the best in several years and significantly surpasses last year’s national average of just 6.5%.

More than a quarter of the year group achieved straight A*- A grades: out of a total of more than 1000 grades achieved by Yarm pupils, 70% were A*/A grades.

Seven pupils achieved the impressive feat of a full house of A* grades, Ishika Singh (13A*s out of 13), Kamiela Soeldner (13A*s out of 13), Muhammad Aftab (11A*s out of 11), Olivia Chadwick (11A*s out of 11), Susannah Dunn (11A*s out of 11), Sarah Portsmouth (11A*s out of 11) and Kion Sharma (10A*s out of 10).

Science continues to be strong at the school, with pupils sitting separate exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All science subjects achieved more 

than 6

0% A* rate. This is on the back of the school’s successful A-level results where 15 pupils went on to read Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science.

Nearly a quarter of the year group sat the further mathematics exam, with a stunning 82% A* rate. Almost a third of those were awarded the highest grade, A* distinction, which is only available in further mathematics.

Headmaster David Dunn said: “We are delighted with this year’s results which are strong across all subjects.  At Yarm, we offer a traditional curriculum, with every pupil studying a Modern

Language; French or German. The school also offers linguists the chance to study Latin, Spanish or Classics. “I am extremely proud of the pupils and their teachers for their hard work and determination, which is reflected in this set of outstanding results.”







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