Activities Programme

    One of Yarm Preparatory School’s many strengths is the extracurricular programme. Two lessons during the week are devoted to enrichment activities that the children choose themselves.  Active involvement in our extra-curricular programme allows our children to experience an unparalleled breadth of opportunity, develop their passions and further individual talents.  

    The activities sessions run on a Monday and Wednesday (2:50-3:45pm), children can choose from a range of musical, sport, art and cultural activities.

    Musical activities at lunchtimes break times and after school are also available to pupils. Several of these are selective, however, most are open to every pupil and all children are encouraged to take part.

    Children in the Pre-Prep School also have the opportunity to participate in great range extracurricular activities. Details are sent to parents at the start of each term.


    Trips and Excursions

    Field trips – both day trips and residential visits are an ideal way for children to experience their environment at first hand. Whilst text books, IT and classroom resources provide excellent school based facilities there is no substitute for actually being ‘on the spot’.

    Handling genuine historical artefacts; tracing a river valley; viewing and understanding portraits in National Galleries or challenging themselves physically to achieve a goal they never believed they were capable of, is invaluable and enriches education enormously. 

    Our programme of residential visits builds on these experiences and enables the staff to focus directly visits to enhance our curriculum. Wherever possible and appropriate, experts will supplement the skills of our teaching staff to provide the detailed knowledge required to enable a child to gain the most from their visit.

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