The Economics and Business Department teaches Economics A Level (AQA Specification) and Business A Level (OCR Specification). The Head of Department is Mrs Cherry Ankers, who has taught in the department since 2001. Economics provides an excellent foundation for many different careers and is a fascinating subject to study.  It centres on investigation into how people behave and interact with each other, exploring the dynamic between consumers, firms and government.  The focus of the course is on both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.  Microeconomics addresses issues such as: “Do trade unions always benefit employees?”, “Should taxes on alcohol be increased?” and “Should the railways be renationalised?”  The Macroeconomic issues covered include: “Will the base rate stay at 0.5% and does it matter to us?”, “Can the government ever solve the problems of high inflation and high unemployment?” and “How are we affected by the Chinese and Indian economies?”

     A Level Business provides an exciting insight into the dynamic world of business. It is not just a theoretical subject: it is about real life.  This combination of academic challenge and practical focus makes the prospect of studying A Level Business highly appealing. It involves investigation into the functions of businesses and the ways in which they operate in society. We explore problems that real businesses are currently facing and consider viable solutions.

    Both Economics and Business A Level help students develop transferable skills which are relevant to the world we live in – problem-solving, creative thinking, research, evaluation, communication, personal development and decision-making. Within the department, a number of enrichment initiatives help develop knowledge and interest in both Economics and Business –  for example ‘Working Lunches,’ which involve visits from successful entrepreneurs, and ‘Yarm Apprentice,’ an annual Sixth Form competition based on the television concept.

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