Our main philosophy is that pupils should experience a broad range of subjects and that “doors should be kept open” for as long as possible. 

    In the First Year (Year 7) the following subjects are studied:  English, Maths, Science, French, ICT, Latin, German, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Art, Music and Religious Studies. French and Mathematics are taught in sets, with other lessons delivered through the teaching forms.

    In the Second Year (Year 8) pupils continue to study much the same subjects, but Science is now taught separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The pupils also choose whether to continue with either Latin or German as their second language.

    In the Third Year a further degree of choice is introduced. In this respect, in addition to the common core of subjects, four periods each week are selected from a list of option subjects – these include Design Technology, Art, Music, Latin/German and Spanish, which is introduced as a new language at this point. Towards the end of this year pupils and parents are consulted about which subjects are to be studied to GCSE level in the Fourth and Fifth Years.  By the time pupils reach GCSE level most of their classes will be in sets (Mathematics, Sciences, French), banded (English) or determined by their chosen options.  

    The standard class size is about 18-22.  The School provides Learning Support for those who need it, for which an additional charge is normally made.

    Most of our pupils proceed into our Sixth Form.  In response to national A level reform, from 2016-17 our pupils will take three A level courses from the start of the Lower Sixth. Pupils choosing to take Further Mathematics will be able to do so through our enrichment programme. Within that enrichment programme there will also be a strong emphasis on the value of the Extended Project Qualification.

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