All First Year pupils study Latin as an important expression of the school’s commitment to a traditional, rigorous academic curriculum. In the lower School pupils learn the language using the exciting Cambridge Latin Course story-based approach. The opportunity to study the culture, history and literature of the Greek and Roman civilisations also exists beyond Latin in Classics, which is introduced as a separate subject option option in the Third Year. At GCSE level, many pupils may opt for either the OCR Latin or Classical Civilisations courses, with many committed pupils choosing to pursue both subjects within their options. Small numbers of dedicated students continue with either OCR Latin or Classical Civilisations at A level, enabling us to provide exceptional individual support. Two Oxbridge Classicists staff the department and lessons are taught in two spacious, departmental classrooms in the Humanities’ building. 

    Enrichment is central to the department’s ethos and identity. For example, Fourth Year pupils have the opportunity to perform in Greek plays directed by the department. In 2016 we put on an abridged translation of Sophocles’ ‘Philoctetes’ and a modernized version of Aristophanes’ ‘The Clouds’. In addition, Second to Fifth Year pupils may participate in the biennial trip we organise to Rome and the Bay of Naples: visiting Pompeii and seeing Caecilius’ house certainly brings history to life and endures as a wonderful educational experience in pupils’ memories.  

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