We offer the pupils of Yarm Preparatory School a learning experience that is truly memorable and will inspire them to have a life-long love of learning. We foster in them the skills, attitudes and characteristics that will enable them to thrive and adapt to the changing world in which we live and relish the further academic stretch of the Senior School. 

    We aim to achieve this by creating a rich and stimulating environment where the pupils feel confident, their natural curiosity is nurtured and they develop a desire to aim high. Our pupils do not shy away from challenges; they go in search of them!

    We are committed to providing our pupils with a curriculum that is broad and differentiated to ensure every pupil is stretched and supported in equal measure.

    All areas of the curriculum are valued and we aim to offer a balanced and stimulating timetable, including academic subjects, the arts, music, practical activities and physical education.

    We endeavour to nurture independent learners who are confident in the use of new technology and have the skills necessary to access knowledge and develop their problem solving skills and resilience. Our programme of homework tasks and activities further enhance study skills and enrich every child’s learning independently of the teacher.  

    Parents are regularly provided with constructive feedback about their child’s attainment and progress. Termly Parents’ Evenings and reports are issued in advance of these evenings. Teachers are available throughout the term and parents are encouraged to email teachers or arrange meetings if they want to discuss any area of their child’s school life.

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