A* Bonanza Year - A level Results

Yarm School is celebrating a year of outstanding A level results, with a record A* rate of 27%.

Twin sisters, Isis and Maya Kearney, achieved 8 A* grades between them, after joining the school for Sixth Form on a scholarship from Hurworth School. Maya holds an offer to study Physics at Imperial College, London and Isis will be studying Maths at Balliol College, Oxford.

Another record was set this year when 11 pupils secured offers of places to study a wide range of subjects at the highly selective Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

The pupils are embarking on degree courses in subjects including medicine, geography, history, natural sciences, economics, chemistry and maths. Amongst them are School Captains Charlotte Kendrick, who will be studying German and Charles Guthrie who will be studying Chemistry, both at Oxford.

Twenty one pupils gained places at prestigious medical, dentistry and veterinary schools – another school record!

In this bumper year, more than half of all exams sat (57%) achieved an A*-A grade and 13% of the year group achieved 3 or more A* grades:

Thomas Burton (4A*), Becky Donaldson (4A*), Rohan Gujjuri (3A*), Dhruv Gupta (4A*), Charles Guthrie (3A*), Neha Kambalimath (3A*), Isis Kearney (3A*), Maya Kearney (5A*), Nikhil Krishna (3A*), Neil Limaye (3A*), Ahmed Mostafa (3A*), Aditi Rangan (3A*), Niamh Reid (3A*), Ashirbad Roy (3A*), Christian Salvage (3A*), Gregory Takoor (3A*) and Samuel Wasson (3A*).

Yarm Headmaster David Dunn said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that we have broken records to secure many more top grades than ever before.

“I’d like to congratulate all the pupils for their hard work and determination. The school has an excellent reputation for helping its students to achieve high grades and gain entry into top universities.

“At Yarm we are committed to developing pupils’ skill beyond the classroom, from improving interpersonal and leadership skills to developing a ‘have a go’ attitude. These are the skills leading universities and employers look for, coupled with excellent results.

  Yarm School North East National Average
Percentage of A* grades 27.6% 6.6% 8.1%
Percentage of A*-A grades 56.8% 22.1% 25.8%
Percentage of A*-B grades 80.7% 48.8% 52.9%


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